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Joao Augusto Bertuol Figueiró

Languages:    Portuguese, Spanish and English

Other information: Joao Augusto Figueiró is a social entrepreneur, medical doctor, psychotherapist, neuroscientist, liaison-psychiatry, and internal medicine from the Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, São Paulo University, for more than 40 years dedicated to the study, teaching and research of the relationship between brain, mind, environment, social and cultural influences, child development and application of scientific knowledge on early childhood in developing public policies that address this age group.

He was responsible for the first actions and activities of the University for Peace (United Nations) in Brazil, member of the founder group of the Gandhi Network in partnership with the National Council of Municipal Secretaries of Health (Conasems), Palas Athena Association and UNESCO, was the founding member and current Vice-President of the Institute Zero to Six - Early Childhood and Culture of Peace, Counselor of the Ministry of Culture for the design of the Child's Culture Program within the National Plan for Culture, is a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the Ministry of Health for the Strategy Little Healthy Brazilians, is a member of the National Network for Early Childhood and collaborated in drafting the National Plan for Early Childhood, participates in partnership with the Laboratory for Analysis and Prevention of Violence at the Federal University of Sao Carlos in several projects in partnership with international agencies.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Special Secretariat for Human Rights developed an educational project concerning the Child Rights Universal Declaration.

Was a member of the Revision Group of the Child Rights Convention (United Nations) and is the president of the National Forum the Early Childhood, Administrator Member of the Child and Peace Network, Coordinator of the Mapping Project of Early Childhood Programs in Brasil in partnership with the World Bank.

He is also the author of several books aimed at laypeople, physicians, mental health care and has had an important role in education in violence prevention and culture of peace in Brazil.


Av Paulista 2073 Horsa I sala 2112 01311 940 Bela Vista
Sao Paulo SP

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