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International Democratic Education Network

International Democratic Education Network

International Democratic Education Network


Newsletter, January 2011

International Democratic Education Network(Earlier newsletters follow in reverse order)

The committee for IDEC@EUDEC 2011 has sent out the following call for proposals for workshops and presentations.

Call for Proposals for Workshops and Presentations

We are happy to announce that the theme of the IDEC@EUDEC Conference 2011 to be held in the UK, hosted by Sands School, is Past, Present and Future. We welcome your proposals for talks, workshops and presentations for the conference programme.

The thinking behind the theme is that in order to progress we need to learn from our past, look at what is going on now and explore ways we can develop and grow in the future.

The theme is a loose one that gives everyone the room to freely explore a wide range of subjects and topics, whilst giving the conference a vague structure to follow.

If you are attending the conference and have an idea for a talk, workshop or presentation you would like to run, please send your proposal to

We will be limiting the time slots given to pre-scheduled workshops as we plan to keep most of the timetable free for open space sessions that will be filled by participants at the time of the conference, so if you do not get your proposal on the programme before the time of the event you will still have the chance to run it at the conference.

We are really looking forward to receiving your proposals and seeing what interesting workshops and presentation people have to offer. As workshops get confirmed we will be posting them on the website so keep a look out there for the programme as it develops –

We would also like to remind you that the earlybird fees end on the 31st January so to benefit from the big discounts available go to and book your conference place.

Look forward to seeing you here in July - Chloe Duff (IDEC@EUDEC Conference Coordinator)


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